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What is My Expert People?

My Expert People (MXP for short) is a peer-to-peer social recruitment platform.

Our aim is to change the way recruitment is currently done and reward the right people for sourcing the best candidates for discerning clients.

Where did the idea come from?

25 years of experience in recruitment led me to a 'Eureka!' moment.

I’d placed loads of people from referrals given to me by people I knew and made a lot of money, which was great for me, the candidates and the clients but not for the original introducer.

What if I created a web application for well-connected people, so that they could make professional, contract-binding introductions direct to clients – and keep the lion’s share of the placement fees?

And what if the site allowed them to build their own network of introducers, to source even more great candidates AND share the placement fees?

That’s how My Expert People was born. Our first release application is now open for business and we have bags of great ideas for following releases, adding more functionality and benefits for our user community who will be able to influence the direction in which we grow.

So get involved as an early adopter, have a look and see how it can work for you.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Richard Weaver, Founder, MyExpertPeople.com

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If you want to know more about my background please read on below. If you have any questions or want to discuss opportunities please contact my team or me directly here.

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A bit more about my recruitment experience

I began my recruitment career in the late 1980s at the Staffline Employment Agency based in Nottingham, placing a wide range of permanent staff from Clerical to Sales and Marketing professionals. This was in the day before emails and even faxes and all records were kept on index cards on our desks. We interviewed all of our candidates face to face and then “sold” them over the phone to hiring managers to arrange their client interviews without any interference from personnel and never having to send a CV. Oh happy days!

In the early 90s I was approached by Computer Search and Selection (now The Parity Group) and joined them to work in their IT contracts division based in Birmingham. Here was my first exposure to database searching, dumb terminals and having to fax a CV to a client to get an interview. A backwards step I thought!

Over the next few years I worked with Reed Computing, The Kingfisher Consultancy and Answer 42 and moved into more team leading/managerial roles but always maintaining a healthy hands-on element to my day. It was fascinating to watch as technology became more and more central to the recruiter’s daily life and with the internet it truly exploded.

I left Answer42 in 1999 to establish myself as an independent recruiter, as hands-on recruitment was my passion, and won my first big recruitment programme. British Interactive Broadcasting (BIB) was a consortium made up of BSkyB, BT, HSBC and Panasonic whose aim was to deliver interactive television services (Email, Banking, Shopping) in the UK. I was engaged by the CTO to recruit the technology team and delivered the growth from 20 to 120 heads in an 18 month period.

Over the following years, in addition to smaller contract and permanent ad hoc pieces of work, I specialised in delivering large technology and business transformation teams ranging from 50 to 200+ contractor heads for clients such as AOL UK, AOL Europe, Carphone Warehouse and BSkyB. These were all multi functional teams comprising programme and project management, architecture, development, network, operations and support elements

Over my career I have done many things well and a fair few things not so well. What I have learnt over this time is that people “buy” people and that no matter how intuitive and smart technology gets in aiding the recruitment process, it can never fully compete with the power of a well informed introduction of one human being to another by a person who understands the needs of both parties.

Stripping the process back to this raw power is what My Expert People is all about.


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