Building your network

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Build your network

Your network will allow you to reach out to other community members to help you find candidates for your roles

You could even be asked by other experts to be their Trusted Source. A quick reminder that trusted sources are like scouts – they help you find candidates.

Let’s start…

  1. Click on ‘Network’ on the navigation bar

  2. You’ll be taken to the Network homepage

  3. At the moment you don’t have any people in your network

  4. What you can do now is either

           a)      Search for a member

           b)      Invite people to join your network

   5. Let’s invite someone to become a trusted source

  • Click ‘Invite a Trusted Source' on the right hand side

  6. You will now see a short invite form. Please fill in the details:

       a)      First name

       b)      Surname

       c)       Email

       d)      Message – briefly explain the concept and why you want them to register

       e)      Click ‘Submit’

       f)       Your Trusted Source will now be sent a unique link to register

       g)      Once they have registered you will be notified in your activity centre 

      h)      That person is now ready for you to share roles with.


! First I want to take you through the process or searching within the network and request association with other members before showing you how to share roles with trusted sources.

Searching for member

Searching for members allows you to build your network by associating with others members.

Please go to the ‘network’ page and follow these steps:

  1. On the right hand side of the page click  ‘Search for a new member’

  2. You will now be on the Network ‘member search’ page with two options
    a) Search for members
    b) Advance search by industry (Aerospace)

  3. To search all - leave the search bar blank and press ‘enter or click search

  4. Find a relevant trusted source

  5. Review their profile – if you like what you see – click ‘Request association’

  6. If the trusted source agrees to the association – you will receive a notification

  7. If they reject association you will receive a notification 

  8. You can now message the Trusted Source about your role requirements

Sharing a role with a trusted source

  1. Go to ‘Role’ on the top navigation bar

  2. Click on the name of the role you created earlier – highlighted in blue

  3. You will be taken back to the role overview page

  4. On the bottom right hand side underneath ‘Sharing’ you will see the button called ‘Share role’

  5. Click ‘Share role’

  6. You will be shown a pop up window with a list of your contacts – you can choose the person you would like to work with you on this role. (You can select more than one)

  7. Please click on the Trusted Source you want to share the role with – they will be highlighted with a green tick.

  8. Click ‘Share role’ – you will see a confirmation pop up – press ‘okay’

  9. You have now shared your first role. Congratulations.

  10. Your trusted source will be notified via email and on their dashboard.

  11. You will receive updates on your dashboard if your Trusted Source submits a candidate to the role for consideration.

Candidates that come from trusted sources:


It is important to understand how the candidates see and approve roles.

a)      Your Trusted Source will send a candidate the role for review.

b)      If the candidate accepts the opportunity they will see the message below:

(The name of your Trusted Source) has recommended you for this role, which their contact (your name) is recruiting for. After accepting this opportunity, it will be sent to (your name) for approval. If approved, you will automatically become associated with (you).

c)       You will be notified on the system that you have a new opportunity

d)      Please click on the notification to take you through to the opportunity overview page

e)      You can review the candidate details and ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ the candidate

f)       If you accept the opportunity you will notify your Trusted Source and Candidate via the system automatically

g)      Next step is to click on the role page and select the related role

h)      Please follow the instructions on this page about submitting candidates. 

We hope that was useful. To go back to the Quick Start Guide menu page please click on the button below.