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General questions

People who want to make money by personally recommending candidates to clients directly. Clients who want to hire better staff and save time and money. Candidates who have had enough of being mis-sold roles by recruitment consultants.

My Expert People rewards people for recommending people they know to roles. Users of My Expert People get a fair share of the commission. Unlike recruitment consultants who keep 99.9% of it.

If you knew that by recommending someone to a recruitment consultant you just made them £8,000. Would you accept an Amazon Voucher?

My Expert People is the Uber of the recruitment world. We are revolutionising the industry. Members of the public get money for rewarding candidates. Clients get the best candidates each time. We reduce the amount of under performing recruitment consultants so only the best survive.

LinkedIn allows you to see who in your personal network is recruiting and who is looking for a new job. Crucially, it doesn’t offer any incentive for you to connect two people in your network. My Expert People has the infrastructure to ensure you are financially rewarded for an introduction and allows you to monetise your contacts.

My Expert People does what Linkedin does but without the fluff. My Expert People makes your net-work.

Because it isn't a job board. Every candidate is recommended by someone they know. Clients get to work together with Experts on a brief. This is a tailored approach to hiring people not a scatter gun approach.

Expert members know people hiring staff and suitable candidates.

Trusted Source members know candidates and may personally recommend them to Expert members. You can be both an Expert and Trusted Source - the tutorial explains how easy this is.

Absolutely. You may personally know someone recruiting – that makes you an Expert.

You may also be able to refer someone you know to a job someone else posts – that makes you a Trusted Source.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in this position, this means there are two separate ways you can make money.

Finding Candidates

If you've added your candidates to My Expert People already you will be able to search for them from the 'Candidates' tab when you are logged in.

You can do this by searching for Trusted Sources. Trusted Sources will have access to candidates.

Logging in

We’ve made My Expert People very straightforward to use: simply follow the step-by-step interactive tutorial.

No. It’s all based on a simple website app, which you access after logging in. Plus we provide full support, if you need it.

FAQs for users

No, not at all. What you do need are strong interpersonal skills and an appreciation of the challenges facing clients and candidates in today’s competitive recruitment market.

We will guide you through the recruitment process, with personalised support and online guides

You can recommend as many as you like but please make sure that the people you recommend are suitable for the role.

You can recommend one person for a number of jobs if you feel they would be suitable. We'd also encourage you to recommend multiple contacts for multiple jobs. Remember to always check that your recommendations are a good match for the role.

If one of your recommendations is placed successfully, you will receive your bounty payment within 2 weeks of the starting date of the job that they have accepted. Please note that some roles also have a probation period before a candidate is formally accepted. If the role your contact is placed in has a probation period, you will only be paid when this is successfully completed. In the longest cases, this probation period can be up to 3 months.

Nothing. The listing is completely free. MXP will take a 15% commission on the fee you negotiate once you place a recommendation.

Tax will remain your responsibility but online resources such as the Money Advice Service can help:


FAQs for jobseekers

You can’t apply directly. MXP’s key differentiator is that it uses the power of personal recommendation. You can sign up with MXP but you will need to network with and then be recommended for a role by another user.

FAQs for clients

MXP taps into the personal networks of its users so you can get to a broader range of candidates. Recommendations are trusted contacts of the referee so you can be sure of getting excellent matches for your roles. The process is also much cheaper than working with a recruiter.

Payment is by results. If MXP doesn't provide a candidate or you don't hire a MXP candidate then it costs you nothing.

MXP will invoice you on placement. The invoice will be due for immediate settlement at the time that your candidate completes their probation period.

If your candidate does not complete their probation then the invoice will be cancelled and nothing will be owed but there are no refunds following the completion of the probation period.

FAQs for recruiters

Experience working as a recruiter, either previously or currently, will help you get started faster. MXP is intended to be most valuable to individuals who are seeking a second income or a new career.

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