My Expert People


Brand new to MXP

MXP is back with some fancy new upgrades, and by that we mean bells and whistles! The site itself has been upgraded for improved speed and security whilst ensuring that the functional work flow, has . . . been optimised to its highest quality for all users! The recruitment process has been altered somewhat, you can now add multiple connections to your page in a simple click. There has also been an upgrade to the messaging system. You are now able to connect and chat with Experts, Trusted Sources or Candidates on an individual basis, making sure you can communicate as smoothly as possible. Nice! That is what we thought! We thought you might like that and so, we are currently implementing further resources to tie in with MXP, keep posted on the updates by signing up.

Do you need a job?

So you’ve decided to finally go out and get that brand new job. All you have to do now is find it… Unfortunately, that can be easier said than done. And, whether you’re an experienced worker, a . . . seasoned professional looking for a career change, or even someone just starting out in their career, we are here to help. We provide the network, the team and some training, you will be on your way to an opportunity in no time!

MXP Tour Upgrade

My Expert People has just introduced Tours into the site. Users are now able to utilise a tour that takes you around the site, highlighting areas of the site and processes that you may not be familiar . . . with. Don't worry, you are able to access these at anytime and can utilise the functionality as much or as little as you want. Have you signed up? Sign up and experience the tour for yourself, you will be taken through the process as an expert, trusted source and candidate at your leisure. Nice! That is what we thought to!