Recruitment guide for an expert

My Expert People

Recruitment guide for an expert

Using MXP

We want you to get the best results possible from working with and using My Expert People (MXP). MXP is here for you to use as you want, at your leisure. Even if you only have the opportunity to place one candidate a year, we want to support you in this process.

In order to get started, you will need to have some conversations offline to make MXP work for you. MXP allows you to make money by placing candidates to do this we need to follow a recruitment process.

Simplified version of the recruitment process

  1. Find clients
  2. Qualify role
  3. Find candidates
  4. Sell role to candidate
  5. Sell candidates to Client
  6. Handle interview process - good and bad
  7. Offers
  8. Get paid
  9. Next steps

The recruitment processes

To make MXP work for you, you need to identify people within your circle of influence that you can talk to about vacancies and hiring opportunities.

Write a list of every person you know within your area of expertise. Go through your contacts, LinkedIn, Facebook friends for inspiration

Categorise them with one or more of the following:

Clients – people who need to hire permanent staff
Candidates - people who may be interested in a new job.
Trusted Sources - people who you would trust to recommend a candidate to you.

(It’s okay, people could be all 3!)

Congratulations, you’ve now got the building blocks for generating an income from your professional contacts.

Get Networking:
Think about your previous companies or dormant contacts you could get back in touch with. In social settings who might be interested in MXP?
The great thing about MXP is that everyone wins – candidates, hirers and referrers.

In an ideal world, you have a contact who has said “I have a problem finding….” a specific role.

Ask what they are currently doing to find candidates. Follow up by asking: “If I could find you the perfect candidate, then would you be interested?”

If they say yes, you are ready for the next step!

Alternatively you may need to introduce in conversation your involvement with MXP, explain what it is and ascertain if it could be of interest to your contacts in future.

MXP is a peer-to-peer recruitment community that enables people like me, a connected professional, to recommend candidates for jobs, to people like you.

There is a finders / placement fee that’s only due if a candidate introduced via MXP is offered and accepts a job.

Use these if you need to present the benefits of MXP.

You will only be dealing with me, a contact you know

Any candidate I present will be well known to me or someone whose opinion I trust

The app enables the candidate to present themselves with more than just a dry CV.

It’s online, quick and easy to use It’s risk free for you.  You only pay a fee if you hire

We agree a fair placement fee between the two of us.

You’ll only see high quality, motivated candidates from me.

You’ll be dealing with someone that understands your business

My aim is to cut the “real world” cost of your recruitment

Referred candidates are always the best hires

Our aim is to remove as much pain from the recruitment process for you as possible.

We do this by having a good working knowledge of your industry, understanding what you are looking for in a new recruit and equally important, understanding what you have to offer the candidate in return.

We never advertise our jobs on job boards and we don’t rely on LinkedIn recommendations; we only seek to work with highly qualified, personally recommended individuals who are committed to making a move.

We plan to keep innovating and updating MXP based on user feedback.

So you’ve spoken to your prospective client, they have a role to fill and they want to try recruiting using MXP.
Now you need to agree your placement fee percentage.

Recruitment Agencies usually charge 15-25% of the first years starting salary and clients are more than happy to pay substantial fees for hiring top quality individuals from reliable sources, in an efficient manner.

The My Expert People App has been designed to give you total control of the fee you receive for successfully introducing a candidate, so just have a frank discussion with your client about the fee they are prepared to pay.

Ask your client to forward you the job spec that has been created by his / her organisation.  The more information you have the better.

At the very least you should have answers to the following questions.

1. What are the roles responsibilities?
2. What skills and experience must the successful candidate have?
3. What are the key challenges your new hire will face?
4. Describe the culture of your organisation?
5. Where does the role fit into the organisation?
6. What are the opportunities for advancement?
7. What are the main reasons your existing employees like working for you?
8. What is the salary for this role and are there additional benefits?
9. Where is the role based, is there travel?
10. When do you aim to have your new hire onboard?
11. If you had the perfect candidate sat in front of you now what would you say to them to persuade them to join your company?

Ask the Client when they ideally would like the new recruit onboard, bearing in mind that really sought after individuals could be on a 3- 6 month notice period. Agree when and how they would like to be kept abreast of your search and inform them how you submit candidates through MXP.

This is all managed by the MXP app but is only as effective and efficient as the information you put in the role description.

If the client has sent you a job spec, attach that to the role and use the field available for information not covered in the job spec. (Refer to your “Qualifying the role” notes.)

1. Share the role with your selected Trusted Sources on the MXP app.
2. Follow up with a call or email to ask if there is any other information they may need to help them identify and qualify a potential candidate. 
3. Communicate when you need to receive any qualified candidates.
4. Keep your Trusted Sources abreast of all developments- the last thing you want is someone wasting efforts on your behalf.

1. Establish if the candidate is interested in hearing about a new opportunity.
2. Disclose the role and the client and ask if the candidate has an outstanding application with that organisation.  If yes STOP and seek clarification from the client whether they are aware of the candidate.  You need to establish ownership of the introduction.  If you can’t get it, you need to walk away.
3. If all is well you need to qualify the candidate with the following questions to ensure they are a good fit for the role.

Why are you looking to make a move?

What type of opportunity are you looking for?

Why can’t your current employer offer you that?

What brings out the best in you in the work environment?

Where are you willing to commute to?

What kind of remuneration package are you looking for?

What’s the most important thing your next job must offer you?

What other avenues are you exploring at the moment?

Who with and what for?

How advanced are those applications?

What is the likelihood that you will be counter offered by your existing employees when you resign?

What would be your instinctive reaction if they did? 

4. If you’re happy with their responses and feel they would make a quality introduction, explain how MXP works for candidates.

5. Give them some guidance on filling in their profile and explain it’s not just a cut and paste from their CV but a chance to really present themselves to the client in their own words.

6. Send the invite

7. Follow up with a call after 24 hours if it’s not been accepted.

Steps 1-4  and 6-7 are communicated with a call or email
1. How you know the candidate
2. Why you think they are a good match for the opportunity
3. Inform the client of any other opportunities the candidate is pursuing
4. Inform the client when the candidate can be available for telephone and face to face interviews
5. Send candidate through via MXP
6. Upon acceptance notification, call the client to arrange interviews or agree a method of direct communication with the candidate
7. Upon rejection notification, call the client to establish reasons and then pass the feedback to your candidate as soon as possible
8. Contact the client by phone after every interview, usually the next working day for feedback and next steps

Unfortunately this activity takes place outside of the MXP app.  It’s scheduled for release in our Version 2 so please bear with us.

Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Confirm time, date and location with both the client and the candidate.  Best to do this using MXP mail or personal email.
2. Pop a reminder in your phone calendar and call both parties the day before to ensure the arrangements are still good.
3. Call the candidate after the interview to get their thoughts on how it went and whether they would like to progress their application
4. Call or email the client at point 3.
5. Repeat stages 1-4 until offer or rejection

The second best part of the whole process.

1. Make sure you have as much detail about the package and role on offer before calling the candidate.
2. Call the candidate, establish that it’s convenient to speak and then convey the good news.
3. Ask the candidate how they feel about the offer.
4. Ask the question, would they, in principle, be keen to accept the offer?
5. If YES convey that to the client and establish when the offer will be confirmed in writing.
6. If NO, ask for the reasons and manage accordingly.
7. Remember a placement won’t become a fee until the candidate starts, so keep up communication with both parties.

This is the worst part of the whole process but should not be shied away from, ever.

1. Make sure you understand from the client why the candidate was unsuccessful
2. Call the candidate without fail, establish that it is convenient to speak and tactfully give the clients reasoning.
3. Agree next actions with the candidate. 

After a candidate has accepted a role.

1. Ensure that the Candidate has received the written offer and that they have accepted the offer in writing
2. Confirm the start date and pop a reminder in your phone
3. Keep in regular contact with the candidate prior to the start- it’s a good opportunity to ask how they found the MXP experience, remember they may be a useful Trusted Source in the future.
4. On the actual start date confirm with both the Client and the Candidate. 
5. Confirm with the Client where the invoice for the placement fee should be sent, for whose attention and any PO or unique reference code the client may use.
6. Ensure that this information is recorded in the MXP app along with the finalised starting salary and confirm the placement on the app. We will then generate and distribute a self invoice for you and any Trusted Source involved and one for the Client.
7. Touch base with the Candidate and Client after a couple of weeks to see how things are going. Be transparent if there are any issues from either party and seek to rectify them.
8. 28 days after the start signals the end of the rebate period.  If the Client has paid the invoice your finders fee will be winging it’s way to you.  

The best part of the whole process!  Congratulations

More questions?