Trusted Source quick start guide

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Trusted source - quick start guide

Welcome to the Trusted Source (TS) quick start guide.

As a trusted source you have been invited to join MXP to help another user fill a role. You could be an existing user or a brand new users for MXP.

A trusted source has the ability to view a role shared with them and submit a candidate to the role for consideration. You will then be able to track your candidate through the application process. You will be notified if your candidate was rejected or placed.

The most exciting part is seeing how much commission you can make.

Let’s get going…

  1. You will have received an email from – telling you that you have been invited to join My Expert People by a user.
  2. There should be a message within the email from the user explaining why they want you to join as their trusted source
  3. A unique registration link should be at the bottom
  4. Please click on the link
  5. You will be taken to the registration page – if this does not work, please click here to contact us or read the FAQ


The registration form.

Will take about 2 minutes to complete.

a)      First name

b)      Surname

c)       Telephone number

d)      Email address

e)      Create password

f)       Confirm password

g)      How are you planning on using MXP? (How often, the type of roles, industries etc.)

h)      Will MXP be your Primary or Secondary source of income?

i)        How did you hear about MXP?

j)        Click here to receive news and updates about MXP

k)      You confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions (the link takes you to the full t&c’s)

l)        Press ‘Submit’ – you are done

Thank you page/Logging in

  • You will now see a confirmation page – from here you can Login to the site.
  • Press ‘Login’ at the top right of the site and enter your details.
  • Any problems – click ‘Contact us’


Welcome to your Dashboard and the start of your MXP adventure

You are thinking – how do I use this contraption? Tell me, quick guide!

Happy to oblige.

Your dashboard

The dashboard is your home screen, where you can see an overview of your network activity and access all subsequent pages.

On this page you can access the following pages and features:

a)      Edit your profile (change picture, update biography etc.)

b)      Change your password

c)       Review role

d)      Invite a new candidate

e)      Submit role to a candidate

f)       Access Support

g)      View outstanding notifications

h)      View network overview tabs

i)        View network activity

j)        Access the Network, Candidate and Role pages

k)      View and send messages

l)        View dashboard overview of network


First things first…

Let’s get your profile up to speed.

Creating your profile:

The first thing we would advise doing once you have logged in, is some user admin. Let’s start by populating your profile and updating your account settings.

Step 1– on the dashboard click on the human icon to navigate to your profile page.

Step 2– You will see a square drop down panel. In the drop down you can:

a)      View your profile picture (currently not uploaded)

b)      Click on your name to view your profile page

c)       See your display name

d)      Logout

e)      Edit your profile

f)       Edit general settings (passwords etc.)

Please start by:

a)      Clicking ‘Edit profile’

b)      Uploading a picture if you have one – click ‘Browse’ and find the folder your images are saved in. Select the images and click ‘Open’ to upload.

c)       Your first name, surname and telephone number should be prepopulated from your registration, please check your details here and update accordingly.

d)      Please select your location

e)      Please enter your personal and business address details which we will use for business administration

f)       The network biography is an important aspect of your profile. This is the description that everyone will see on MXP. Please consider the information you place here carefully if you need any tips or help please contact (insert hyperlink). Please make sure you do not leave this blank.

g)      Please select a maximum number of three industries that you have experience in or that you would like associated with your profile. This will be used by trusted sources and other users to assess your suitability for their roles.

h)      Please press ‘Submit’ to save the changes to your profile – Profile complete

i)        You can use the top navigation to go to another page or click ‘Back to profile page’ at the top to review your new profile.

j)        Please go back to your dashboard

Next Steps…

Network overview

On the dashboard you will see three squares of different colour. One Green, one Blue and one Orange.

  • Green is an overview of  the ‘number of candidates’ in your network
  • Blue is an overview of the number of ‘Active roles’ you have at the moment
  • Orange is an overview of the number of ‘Contacts in your network’.

You can click on the squares to quickly navigate to the relevant pages.

Outstanding notifications

! Will appear when a part of the candidate placement process is waiting for you to make an action.

This could be an expert has shared a role with you.

This week’s network activity

Is a list of updates about your network. These messages could include:

  • A new candidate has accepted your invite to register
  • Your candidate has accepted an opportunity
  • You have a new association with a member of the MXP community
  • Someone has requested that you become his or her trusted source (you can have more than one Expert etc.)
  • You can click on the image of the person within the notification to be taken to their profile page or any of the highlighted names.
  • The notifications will include a time stamp

Sharing Candidates with Experts.

a)      After being invited to the system by an expert, the expert will share roles with you that come through a third party. A client.

b)      If you accept the opportunity you will then be automatically associated with the expert on the system. He will become your ‘Agent’

c)       You will still have a network relationship with your main contact.

d)      You will be notified on the dashboard if your Agent thinks you are suitable for the role. The message will state that the opportunity ‘role name’ was accepted by the name of your agent.

e)      When the expert sends your candidate to their client you will be notified on your dashboard

f)       You can track the progress of your candidate on the role page

g)      On this page you can view the role details, opportunity overview, activity (list of all notifications), and notes.

We hope that was useful. To go back to the Quick Start Guide menu page please click on the button below.